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CAR RENTAL OAXACA: cars, pick ups, sprinters, vans.

Optimus Car Rental Oaxaca, wherever you want to go!






WE INCLUDE IN THE PRICE THE FOLLOWING INSURANCES: -   Theft and collision, Road assistance - (ERA), Legal Assistance- (AL), Aditional Responsability - (ALI). WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT WON'T CHARGE YOU EXTRA!!!!

*The prices are updated for today, for a different date please check for availability at:

Bike rental Oaxaca

Book in 3 easy steps: 1. Check for availability at 2. Make a deposit for one day of rent in our paypal account. 3. Let us know where to pick you up!

Optimus Car Rental Oaxaca is a family company with more than 20 years of experience in car rental, the reasons for renting with us are many:






+We can pick you up at the Airport or any other part inside the city for no extra cost!


+We only have the best equipped cars, whenever the competition works with basic equipment cars, our cars have AC, ABS, airbags, aluminium rims, fog lights, Sound system (Mp3, CD, AUX, bluetooth), and we offer them at the same price (sometimes cheaper) than the competetion offers the basic versions.


+We also like to drive, so we only choose cars in which we enjoy being behind the wheel, we could get cheaper cars and rent them at the same prices, but it doesn't seem right to have ugly cars. 


+Again, we drive our own cars, and we would never drive a car that is not in optimal mechanichal conditions. 


+Since were not a franchise, we do not have to pay royalties, so we can offer better prices.


+We have years of experience doing tours in Oaxaca, so we can offer information on how to get to any place in Oaxaca and in Mexico, if we don't know we will find out, we can offer maps, printed directions and even tips, since is better for us and for our clients to always know the best way to get to our destination.



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